Emergency and Disaster Response

FuelFox can be there, with the fuel you need, in every emergency and whenever disaster strikes.

With every emergency and when disasters strike, reliable fueling resources are critical. At FuelFox, we have the equipment, personnel, expertise and access to fuel supplies necessary to meet the needs and demands of every situation.

  • Rely on our emergency-ready team and equipment.

    Our personnel are experienced and well-trained from providing bulk fueling to fueling individual pieces of equipment and vehicles. Our fleet of delivery vehicles has the ability to transport from 200 to 5,000 gallons of multiple types of fuel and is strategically positioned to respond to many disaster-prone areas, as well as other geographic locations.

  • Trust our vast supply network.

    In addition, we have established relationships with petroleum and equipment suppliers throughout the country, giving us the ability to respond any time, any place and around the clock to provide the fuel needed to keep first responders responding, emergency vehicles fueled, generators running and meet other emergency needs if fuel supplies are interrupted.

Trust our vast supply network.
Trust our vast supply network.

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Reduce labor costs, increase productivity, improve safety and reduce risks with FuelFox on-site fuel delivery.
Using FuelFox for fleet refueling just makes sense.

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  • “We save at least 30 minutes a route by not fueling on the route — saving us an average of $1,000 per day. We also save about $0.35 per gallon or $20,000 per month.”

    Michael Rogers, Director of Logistics/Transportation
    Southeastern Food Merchandisers Inc.
    203 Parker Drive, Pelham, AL 35124

  • “Our labor costs are down, and productivity is up. FuelFox is extremely reliable and consistent — at our warehouse at 4:00 am three days each week to fuel our trucks. We roll out at 5:15 am fully-fueled and ready to deliver our products.”

    Hank Stoneback, Director of Operations
    BTC Wholesale Distributors, Inc.
    100 Airview Lane, Alabaster, AL 35007