Bulk Tank Fueling

Count on us to keep your tanks filled
conveniently, efficiently and affordably.

At FuelFox, we can create a customized program to help keep your bulk fuel tanks full — almost effortlessly.

  • Get the fuel you need and the service you deserve.

    FuelFox can provide your business with the highest quality fuel products on a regular schedule and on-demand basis. Our ultimate goal is to make keeping your tanks full as hassle-free as possible for you, so we work closely with you to understand your exact needs and create a fueling program to meet them. Plus, as your fueling partner, you can count on FuelFox for responsive, prompt service and communications every time you need or interact with us.

  • Be served by professional drivers with the latest equipment.

    Again, our goal is keeping your bulk tanks hassle free. We employ professional, experienced drivers who are committed to safety in every aspect of their work. We have the latest equipment that is impeccably maintained and capable of delivering the quantity and types of fuel you need, when you need it.

  • Save with competitive pricing.

    You don’t have to pay more for convenience and service. Because at FuelFox, we understand fuel is a significant expense for companies in all types of industries. And we want to make it convenient — and affordable — for you to keep your tanks full, your fleet fueled, your team working and your fuel expenses as low as possible.

FuelFox supports your success.
FuelFox supports your success.

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Reduce labor costs, increase productivity, improve safety and reduce risks with FuelFox on-site fuel delivery.
Using FuelFox for fleet refueling just makes sense.

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  • “We save at least 30 minutes a route by not fueling on the route — saving us an average of $1,000 per day. We also save about $0.35 per gallon or $20,000 per month.”

    Michael Rogers, Director of Logistics/Transportation
    Southeastern Food Merchandisers Inc.
    203 Parker Drive, Pelham, AL 35124

  • “Our labor costs are down, and productivity is up. FuelFox is extremely reliable and consistent — at our warehouse at 4:00 am three days each week to fuel our trucks. We roll out at 5:15 am fully-fueled and ready to deliver our products.”

    Hank Stoneback, Director of Operations
    BTC Wholesale Distributors, Inc.
    100 Airview Lane, Alabaster, AL 35007