FuelFox offers fuel delivery to commercial fleets during the day, evening, or weekend hours to reduce expenses and increase productivity to businesses. Why pay an employee to waste time at a gas station when they could be servicing more clients?

Benefits include:

  • Reduces a significant number of labor hours each month
  • Service more clients
  • Eliminates fleet downtime
  • Minimizes vehicle wear
  • Reduces risk of theft or improper fueling
  • Provides detailed tracking of fuel consumption and expense
  • Fuels the fleet when fleet is not in use

FuelFox services the fleet when it is not in use. These include companies with large fleets, such as landscaping companies, pest control companies, bus companies, lab services, United States Postal Service, and engineering firms, among others.

FuelFox improves the bottom line for fleets while increasing productivity. FuelFox also eliminates the risks associated with using fuel cards, which can have significant expense, and the liability of driving the fleet to the gas station to fill-up. Companies do not put additional wear and tear on the vehicles by driving them to fill-up and they do not waste fuel going to get fuel. Without fuel delivery, B2B customers pay employees to fill-up vehicles on the company clock, wasting previous resources.

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Companies That Trust FuelFox

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