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How it Works:

FuelFox is an app-based, onsite fuel-delivery service providing a safer, cleaner and more efficient way to fill up personal vehicles and commercial fleets.

FuelFox is easy and convenient. Through the FuelFox app, users can quickly become registered members of FuelFox services. Once registered, members easily schedule future gas tank fill-ups with FuelFox.

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Companies That Trust FuelFox

Waynes Proassurance Greater Birmingham Roayl Cup Coffee STS ClasTran Cobbs Allen Autotec Graham & Co. Father Nature Mold & Mildew Solutions National Bank of Commerce Warren Averett Innovation Depot Barfield Southeastern Food Regional Produce Meadow Brook McLeod Evan Meats McCorquodale Mercedes CVS Exception Foundation Hinkle Roofing

Client Testimonials

  • “FuelFox consistently delivers on time rain or shine, no matter the temperature. One week I was notified my tire pressure was low, and that air had been added accordingly. I received the same notification the next week, so I took my car to get it checked out for a leak. Turns out I had a nail in my tire that was reparable at a minimal cost. FuelFox saved me from the expense and hassle of having to get a brand new tire.”

    - Carter Slappey, National Bank of Commerce / Luckie Building Fox Spot

  • “This service is AMAZING! I give it a million stars! In this busy thing we call life who has time to stop for gas, wash your windshield AND check your tire pressure? Not me but these guys do it for me while I’m at work and I would recommend them to anyone!”

    - Karen Elliott

  • “One rainy morning, I had to run by my office and then drive to Montgomery. I swore when I remembered the gas tank was almost empty, but I couldn't bring myself to stop at the gas station in the rain. Then I heard that FuelFox was at the office. I drove straight there (passing two more gas stations on the way) and FuelFox filled up my truck while I prepared for my meeting - dry and warm. I got to Montgomery, on time and well prepared, and came back with fuel still in the tank. What a convenience!”

    - Trip Umbach, Partner & Starnes Davis Florie, LLP

  • “Thank you! It was fantastic getting in the car not worrying about gas on this cold rainy night!”

    - Joanne Simmons & ProAssurance

  • “We began using FuelFox on July 17, 2018. Since using FuelFox, our company has seen more labor efficiency and nearly a 10% reduction in our fuel costs.”

    - Lee Ramey, CEO Mold & Mildew Solutions, LLC

  • “We have 30 mini-buses in our fleet, and FuelFox saves us at least 150 labor hours each month. In addition, we eliminate the risks associated with using fuel cards by using FuelFox.”

    - Ellis Houston, CEO Greater Birmingham Transportation Services, LLC